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Viva questions

The viva section of the exam is divided into eight sections. Each section is 20 minutes and further sub-divided into two 10 minute clinical scenarios. The viva questions below have been asked previously and are arranged into the same categories as the exam. The key to the viva is plenty of viva practice and preparation of model answers to the obvious questions from each of the categories.

Oncology I : Kidney/Bladder

Bladder cancer viva questions
Renal Cancer viva questions

Oncology II : Prostate/Penis/Testes

Penile and testicular cancer viva questions
Prostate cancer viva questions


Paediatric viva questions

Emergency Urology

Emergency viva questions

Calculi and UTI

UTI viva questions
Calculi viva questions

Imaging and Technology

Imaging and Technology viva questions II
Imaging and Technology viva questions

Bladder Dysfunction and Gynaecological Aspects

Bladder Dysfunction and Gynaecological Aspects questions

Benign prostatic hyperplasia/Andrology

BPH viva questions
Andrology viva questions

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